Imagination is more important than knowledge.
— Albert Einstein

There are a lot of different slopes, lies, grass types, soil dexterities, desired trajectories and club selection options in the game of golf. This makes it difficult to justify "one size fits all" set up positions to the ball. Having the proper set up for the specific circumstance is CRUCIAL for solid contact and a desirable outcome. 


A few setup options for different situations...

A few setup options for different situations...


In order to have outstanding judgment and control for all lies around the green you must learn how to increase loft and bounce as well as decrease loft and bounce. To increase and decrease loft/bounce, the setup and swing intention must change. 


Knowing what shot shape to choose and what setup will produce that specific shot shape requires great judgment. Improving your judgment requires doing a lot of judgment. The key word is "doing."

If you wish to be an artist, do a lot of art!